The Displays

des isolateurs franšais - 1984 GVBCA

I displayed a selection of my French insulators in April of 1984, after having been an exchange student in France over the summer of 1983. Dick Bowman was the display chairman for the Genessee Valley Bottle Collectors Association (GVBCA), and he persuaded me, without much difficulty, to put together my first display. This display contains almost all of the ones I found that first time in France.

des isolateurs franšais - 1989 GVBCA

A reprise of my display from 1984, again at the Genessee Valley Bottle Collector Association (GVBCA) Show and Sale, but this time in April of 1989. I had come back from a trip to France the previous summer. Right after I graduated, I went to Europe, met my friend Bill, and we bummed around through England, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, then I went on alone through Italy to Sicily to visit Isabelle. The display contains most of the ones from the previous display, plus a number more. The Pichots had found another insulator dump, and a large number of these came from there. This is the trip that Bill and I wrote about in an article for Crown Jewels.

Aqua is Beautiful! - 1993 GVBCA

This display is one that Bill and I had been talking about for a long time. We wanted to do a joint display of our insulators, and had actually reached a point where we had enough decent insulators to put on quite a display. One thing led to another, though, and in 1993 I agreed to put on a display at the GVBCA Show and Sale again. Unfortunately, by this time Bill had sold off a good portion of his collection. He generously agreed to let me do the display on my own. This is the result. It would have been more fun doing it with him, but I am glad to have finally done it.

Locke: Hemingray or Brookfield? - 2007 Mid-Ohio

In 2007 when we went to Maine for the summer, we brought along the daughter of a friend of ours. With her, 2 kids, my wife and all the other stuff we bring with us, there just wasn't room for me, so I had to ride my motorcycle. I took advantage of this on the way home, and stopped by Bill and Jill Meier's house for of a tour of their insulator collection. As you may know, Bill & Jill specialize in Hemingray insulators, so one thing that really jumped out at me was when I noticed that they had a few CD 287.1 LOCKEs, not to mention a CD 204 LOCKE. I had always thought these were made by Brookfield, so I couldn't understand why they had them. Bill said they were made by Hemingray, and I eventually contacted Elton Gish, Bob Stahr, and Ken Willick to pursue and answer to the question. One thing led to another, and we all agreed to bring a variety of insulators to the Mid-Ohio show for a comparison. Ron Yuhas also got into the discussion, and brought some of his insulators as well. We ended up putting all (or most of) the insulators in one of the front display windows at the show.

Baby Signals 1889 to 1957 - 2012 Mid-Ohio

I had been wanting to do a baby signal display for a number of years (I actually had asked a couple years ago for Springfield, but the displays were all taken up already!). This year I signed up at the National, got help from my son Ian and daughter Kyrie, and managed to put something together. I was happy to finally have the opportunity! Of course, as soon as the display was completed, I got more information that exploded one of my timeline theories. A display like this will never be "complete" I guess!

I had fun coming up with this display. Here's a short story on the birth of a display.