Insulator Show 10

Date 1985-04-28
Attended 1985-04-28
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LocationRochester, NY
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CommentsFrom Bill: Re the 1985 GVBCA show, weve had this conversation numerous times. I did not go to the 1985 GVBCA show and I doubt you did, either. I was in Boston at the time, and you were in Philadelphia. How did you manage to get home? Did your parents come down and get you? I remember being at the show when you bought that cobalt splotch (mainly for the fact you paid 20.00 for it, which I thought outrageous since they were selling for 5.00 the summer before). Im fairly certain it must have been 1984 and you wrote the year down incorrectly.
Notable AcquisitionsNo Purchase? or didn't even attend?

Insulators acquired at this show

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