Insulator Show 117

Date 2013-04-20 to 2013-04-21
Attended 2013-04-21
Show NameAllegheney Valley Spring Insulator Show
Sponsoring Club
Location DetailVFW #894
CommentsKyrie and Ian both came. Kyrie got the purple Hemi 113 from Dan. Ian had a good time with Ron Barth. Ron had a table with a "buy 2 get 1 free" sign on it, and Ian took it rather literally. He went over and sorted through the insulators, and picked out 6 insulators. When Ron came over, Ian handed over $4. Ron was looking through the insulators and said, um, wait a minute. Buy 2 insulators of one price, get one free at the same price. So buy two $1 insulators, get a third $1 insulator for free. After a bit of back and forth, Ian goes, That changes everything! You see, Ian had picked out 4 $1 insulators, and 2 $5 insulators. The $5 insulators, of course, being the ones he wanted for free. Ron explained all this, but Ian listens, then reaches over and picks up the sign and says, but this says buy 2, get one free. It doesn't say anything about the price. A couple of helpful bystanders commented, well, Ron, he's got you there. After a bit more back and forth, Ron finally says, oh, the heck with it, take them all! Ian was quite happy with his deal, and happily related it to Bubbe when we got home, and my parents when we went over to for Kyrie's birthday today!
Notable AcquisitionsNo purchase!

Insulators acquired at this show

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