Insulator Show 120

Date 2013-07-19 to 2013-07-21
Attended 2013-07-19 to 2013-07-20
ShowNIA National
Show NameNational
HostsBill Haley, Steve Roberts, Ken Roberts
Sponsoring Club
Location DetailFranklin Cool Springs Marriot
Notable AcquisitionsMulford & Biddle UPRR, semi-milky jade Brookfield

Insulators acquired at this show

ShapePrimary EmbossingEINColorEmbossing
U-239AN-N[200] White (brown)N-N
U-239AN-N[200] BrownN-N (Pittsburg 35-1, MLOD)
U-238BN-N[050] BrownN-N
CD 160BROOKFIELD[050] Yellow Green (Milky Yellow Green)(F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R-Skirt) NEW YORK SDP
CD 160H.G.CO.[050] Aqua(F-Skirt) H.G.Co./PATENT MAY 2 1893 (R-Skirt) PETTICOAT SDP {Note lower case "o"}
CD 735MULFORD & BIDDLE[020] Light Aqua(F-Skirt) MULFORD & BIDDLE (R-Skirt) U.P.R.R. {MLOD} SB