Insulator Show 125

Date 2014-09-20
Attended 2014-09-20
ShowBackyard Swap Meet
Show NameBackyard Swap
HostsSteve Bobb, Claude Wambold
Sponsoring Club
Location DetailWambold backyard
CommentsIan came with me. Somewhat smaller than normal, but still fun.
Notable AcquisitionsCD 186.2

Insulators acquired at this show

ShapePrimary EmbossingEINColorEmbossing
CD 160STAR[010] Aqua(F-Skirt) SB
CD 186.2HEMINGRAY[010] Clear(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY-19/38: (R-Skirt) MADE IN U.S.A./18 {A six sided nut with machine threading is embedded in the dome} SB