Insulator Show 83

Date 2009-04-18
Attended 2009-04-18
Show Name
Sponsoring Club
LocationNatrona Heights, PA
Location Detail
Notable AcquisitionsCD 326

Insulators acquired at this show

ShapePrimary EmbossingEINColorEmbossing
CD 326PYREX[020] Light Carnival (Carnival)[010] (Skirt) PYREX T.M. REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. MADE IN U.S.A. 453 {Embossed around the inside of the skirt}/ G {Embossed on the outside of the skirt} {1 3/8 pinhole} SB
CD 160GAYNER[010] Light Aqua(F-Skirt) GAYNER (R-Skirt) NO. 140/8
CD 160LYNCHBURG[020] Light Aqua(F-Skirt) /LYNCHBURG (R-Skirt) NO.32/MADE IN 7 U.S.A.
CD 160GAYNER[010] Light Aqua(F-Skirt) GAYNER (R-Skirt) NO. 140/7
CD 160B[030] Aqua(F-Skirt) B (R-Skirt) N 32
CD 160HEMINGRAY[020] Teal Aqua (Dark Aqua)(F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) N 14