Insulator Show 91

Date 2010-07-16 to 2010-07-18
Attended 2010-07-16
ShowNIA National
Show NameNational
HostsDario DiMare, Bill & Jill Meier
Sponsoring Club
LocationBoxborough, MA
Location DetailBoxborough Holiday Inn
CommentsRode back to the Adventure on Friday
Notable AcquisitionsCD 160 Milky Yellow Green Brookfield, lopsided CD 160 Sterling

Insulators acquired at this show

ShapePrimary EmbossingEINColorEmbossing
U-238BN-N[150] Blue (midnight blue)N-N (G. P. Co.)
U-234N-N[050] GrayN-N
CD 160BROOKFIELD[050] Milky Yellow Green(F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R-Skirt) NEW YORK SDP
CD 160STERLING[010] Aqua(F-Skirt) STERLING (R-Skirt) SB
CD 160K.C.G.W.[010] Aqua(F-Skirt) K C G W (R-Skirt) 2 SB
CD 160K.C.G.W.[010] Light Green(F-Skirt) K C G W (R-Skirt) 2 SB
CD 158.9BOXBOROUGH, MA.[000] Two Tone(Base) . 2010 NATIONAL / . BOXBOROUGH. MA. .