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About Me:

My name is Chris Sistrunk and I am an Electrical Engineer for Entergy .  I am happily married to Shannon . We live in Beaumont, Texas and we have a baby daughter, Cecelia Gail Sistrunk.

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My Collection

As you can see, I collect CD 154s.  For those of you who don't know what a CD # is, check out the FAQ page on Bill Meier's Glass Insulator Reference Site.

/   42   \
CD 154


This is my full string of Thomas Hewletts.  They came off of an Entergy Transmission 115 kV line in North Louisiana.  Many Hewletts are still in use on Entergy's transmission lines.  In the photo below, you'll see my "Tiger Striped" Hewlett.  It may be a one of a kind, but there may be more out there to be found. 
For more info on Hewlett Suspensions, go to Elton Gish's Hewlett Page

____ /    o    \____


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My Want List

CD 154 (my speciality)
    -Foreign (AGEE, Russian, Mexican, Zicme, etc)
    -Dominion in Dark Red Amber, Orange Amber, Honey Amber, Yellow Amber
CREBs  (CRown Embossed Brookfields, my other specialty)

    -Colors (purple, lavender, gray, milky, amber swirled)

    -Embossing errors

    -ER skirt embossed

    -All CREB CDs (CD 145, 151, etc)
CD 128 Hemingray in Opalescent
CD 151 Natco in Peacock
Any common threadless
Any Hewlett Designed Suspensions/Strains (10", 6", Thomas, Locke, etc...)
Any Suspension Made Before 1945 (especially before 1930)

My Sale / Trade List

All sales and trades are negotiable.  I want to make the best deal with everyone I sell / trade to.
100% satisfaction!


CD 106 Hemingray  [200]  Ice Blue, vnm,                          -     $1.25
CD 121 Am. Tel. & Tel. Co.  [110]  Dark Aqua, vnm        -     $0.75
CD 122 Whitall Tatum  [070]  Straw, vvvnm                      -     $1.75
CD 129 Kerr   [010]  Off Clear, vvvnm                             -     $5.00
CD 160 Hemingray  [050]  Clear, vvnm                             -     $1.75
Various CD 154s


I don't know any U numbers, so just click here to see what I have.


Ohio Brass 10" Cobalt Blue                                                -     $25 each or 1 string of 4  -  $80
Thomas Hewlett 10"                                                           -     $20 (negotiable)
Misc. 10" disks & 6" strains   (many makes and glazes)       -     negotiable

If you want to sell or trade, just e-mail me!!!

 Don't forget to checkout the most informative website for this GREAT HOBBY!!!
(for those of you who don't have it bookmarked & memorized)

Join ICON and become part of the online insulator madness!

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Contact Info

Chris and Shannon Sistrunk
2381 Louisiana Street
Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 212-1173

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Engineering Related Links     -    The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers     -    Home Page for Eta Kappa Nu (EE Honor Society)     -    Excellent high voltage experiment site      -     An great page on electricity, science, and high voltage equipment.      -    Entergy serves as the electric utility for 2.6 million customers in parts of Arkansas, Louisiana,
                                      Mississippi, and Texas.

Misc. Links     -      Reddy Kilowatt e-mail list         -        A daily Bible verse page      -     Downsville United Methodist Church    -     First United Methodist Church - Beaumont, Texas      -     My Dad's homepage     -    Louisiana Tech University   -   Home of the Bulldogs and the Lady Techsters!  Go Dawgs!     -    Campus Ministry that Shannon and I attended at Louisiana Tech     -    Awesome 3-day Christian experience for college-age people.   "D eCo lor es!"

Updated on 6/6/03.

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