Capacitor Can Crusher
Louisiana Tech Electrical Engineering


Here is my Capacitor Can Crusher the we built for Engineering Day at Tech.  I'm on the right and my friend Ben is on the left.
Basically, this is how it charge a capacitor bank with 12 kV and dump the energy stored (about 1500 Joules)
into an inductor (coil of wire).  The can is inside the coil.  The immense magnetic field in the coil creates another in
the can.  The two fields repel each other, and therefore the can CRUSHES without being touched!!!
When the spark gap fires, there is enough instantaneous energy to power Chicago for a few milliseconds!
Read about it at !

This picture shows the spark gap switch and the coil.  If we could have used 1 pulse capacitor used in laser
experiments, the can would have been ripped in half and we could have also used it to shrink quarters.
Shrinking quarters takes about 4000-8000 Joules!!!

Isn't it fun to be an EE?!

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