Collection Photos  

These are some of my favorite CD 154s (l to r: ESA, Whitall Tatum, 3 Zicmes, Lynchburg, ESA, and the classic aqua Hemingray-42) 


Tres Amigos!!!

 Wonderful colors from Hemi Blue to Almost Clear.



CREBs and date nails from my Mississippi trip with Charles and Rick.


 CD 257 Hemi Blue Mickey and the oldtimer CD 123 EC&M. 

  "I got two turntables and a microphone."

Two 4-part Locke (r=oo) substation post insulators
Identical to the M-4611, these were made in 1925 at the Baltimore Plant (I think)..

I believe that my wife has the beginning stages of polyinsulitis.  These are hers.


Here's some of my porcelain, common glass, and suspensions.

Hemi-blue, aqua, and clear CD 154s and CD 155s.  Common glass is cool too!


One of Entergy's 500 kV transmission lines at sunset.

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