Hunt Photos  

Sofar, I have been on two hunts with Charles Bibb and Rick Bailey from Mississippi.  My first hunt was quite an experience.  I learned that picking glass in the wild can be a blast, but being with fellow collectors is even better.  It was fun to get to pick my first CREB CD 145.  It is amazing to find glass that is over 100 years old!
My second hunt was even better.  Charles was on the hunt for threadless, while Rick and I took off.  We found old and newer glass.  I even saw the "tearjerker".....a CD 145 CREB in Yellow Green.....with the skirt shot off......on a pole in deep water.   But we did come away with some goodies like some green CREBs and a base-embossed American beehive in bright blue that was damaged.  I do plan to go back to Mississippi as well as Texas.  I hope you like these pictures taken by me and Charles. 

My First Hunt
Mississippi Hunt 1-12-2002

Charles Bibb gets glass the easy way!

Rick Baily gets glass the hard way.

My first picked insulator: a CD 152 Brookfield in Dark Aqua.

Me getting glass the hard way, with my first grabber "the flip stick".

Me posing after I pushed over this rotten pole.


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