My Suspension Page

This is a string of Ohio Brass 10" Suspensions.  If you'll notice, there is a bigger cap.   That's becuase they have a high tension rating of 35,000lb.  These were made in 1970.  The patent that went with these is U.S. Patent 3,024,303 which is for the high-strength glaze.  I dropped one by accident onto my concrete driveway, but the only damage done was a very shallow flake.

These suspension insulators were made by the Jeffery Dewitt Company.  They have a production year of 1931.  If you look closely, you will see that these have a "spider-type" pin and cap becuase they are attached to the insulator with "leg grips".  The patents for this insulator are U.S. Patents 1,329,770 and 1,716,963.  These insulators are extremely heavy (it takes two people to lift them!)

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