Why Would Someone Collect Insulators? 

I became fascinated with glass insulators because of the myriad of colors used in their manufacture.  Turns out that was not intentional on the manufacturers part.  They spent lots of time trying to figure out how to get rid of the colors!  Clear was the desired effect in the final product.  I'm glad to took them many years to get there!

The other benefit I get from collecting the jewels of the wire is the memories...
When I was on the road, with parents who thought nothing of traveling half way across the US for vacation and later as a professional truck driver and finally, just because the urge would hit me, I looked at a lot of scenery going by.
The one thing you could count on seeing no matter what part of the country you where in was poles going off into the distance.  Remembering that always brings me to feelings of excitement and a thought of "What's over the horizon?"  Anything could happen when you followed those poles and wires. And it seems like it did too!  Still does in some places...


One trip brought me to the Yukon Territory and Interior Alaska.
Since I was already doing an article on the history of long distance communications in Alaska-it seemed a good time  to see if I could find out exactly what kind of insulators were used here in the past [and possibly add to my collection].

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see what was out there.

Micky over Alaska


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Some of my collection
insulator collection

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