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TA 341
TA-341/TT TELEPHONE SET , push -button 4-wire unit designed for use with tactical switches using four C-cell
batteries; usable in conventional point-to-point telephone line.

TA125 Terminal Box
The TA-125 Terminal Box is a small, light weight, weatherproof unit which contains 4 rows of 12 binding posts and 2
rows of 24 pin type jacks. The cover is hinged at one end of the box and secured in the closed position by a
spring-loaded latch at the other end. The terminal box provides a quick and easy method of monitoring, testing, and
patching telephone, teletypewriter, and other circuits in forward field areas. Also, serves as a small main frame for
Switchboards SB-22/PT and SB-86/P.

SB-993 Manual Switchboard
SB-993/GT Manual Switchboard , designed for quick "connect / disconnect" of up to six battery or sound-powered field phones (such as EE-8, TA-1, TA-43/312) plus and operator unit. Consists of seven U-184/G terminal plug-jacks that plug into "stack" onto rear of another U-184. Active lines make neon lamp in U-184 "glow". This came with  a MT-2156/GT metal case.

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EE9 Telephone Box



Autovon Terminals


Circut Diagram
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