German Field Phone and Hungarian Field Phone

Here are Pictures of the German Field Phone.

I believe these are comparable the 312, probably Post WW2. Possibly
these are still made.

The Label says:

Vers.Nr. 5810-12-152-7103  1980]K-FFsp 66.3506.720 2643016

DFG Deutsche Fernsprecher Gesellschaft MBG
Baumuster Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG


The dial adjunct (sort of equivalent to the DTMF adjunct I have for the
312 sits on top of the unit. It is labelled:

(First label)

Vers.Nr. 5810-12-153-6834  Bauj. 1980
K Zs-F Fsp-66.3506.500 2665161

(Second label)


(Third label)

-30 degrees C BIS +65 degrees C

The came with some paper work, but it is all in German



Hungarian Field Phone...

The Hungarian field phone was likely made by ITT's Telefongyar R. T.
subsidiary in Budapest. which had fallen under German control during WW II.
Prior to WW II that factory was the principal (and maybe the only) producer
of telephone sets in Hungary.  It made ITT's pre-war European classic type
2724 self-contained handset phone and also manufactured, under a sub
contract with LM Ericsson, phones with Ericsson's name on them.  (I have
one of each in my collection, the latter thanks to Andrew Emerson in the
UK.) ITT recuperated that plant briefly after WW II until it was taken over
by the communist government that came to power in Hungary. It was renamed
Budavox and continued to make telephone equipment throughout the communist
years.  I used to run into Budavox telephones, pay phones, dial PBXs and
manual toll boards exported to Argentina after WW II.  There are several of
each in the telephone museum in Buenos Aires.  The switchboard parts were
interchangeable with those of Western Electric.  That plant had originally
been part of International Western Electric before it was sold to ITT in
1925.  It's a small world you know.

Roger Conklin

My best guess is that it is Hungarian.

This phone is quite similar to a German field phone I own (see German
Phone page), so possibly it was made to German specifications.


On the top cover it says: VIGYAZZ! AZ ELLENSEG LEHALLGAT. It also has
phonetic alphabet in  the same language.


Inside are two wiring diagrams. One is labeled: Elvi Kapcsolas. Szamtarcsa.


No other apparent markings.

Rolf Taylor


Japanese made field phone
[picture donated by Mike Brueckmann]
Japanese made field phone

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