Frantisek Danek's Insulators Page

Czech Republic

This page has Frantisek's all gigantical collection. He has 5000 catalogued pieces, and acout other 5000 non catalogued ones. He collect the Insulators from his child age. His collection is a work of all life. He has the biggest collection in Europe. I promised a web page to Frantisek, and I did it. I hope you like it. His collection is really gigantical. You would look it with your own eyes. I looked it, and said: wow! Huh... very very big. Suspension forest, and a big mile house full of Insulators, varistors, old antique electric meters, telephone centers, big switch gardropes and lot of interesting things. Very rare and old thingh...

Zoltan Drinoczi, Hungary 01 August 2003

You can find pictures in the links menu from the collection.

If you want werite and email to Frantisek, Please write it in German language, if you can not write in German, use this translator:

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