About Me

Hello my name is Wesley Lirette and I am from Maccan,  Nova Scotia, Canada

I started collecting insulators in the spring of 2003, when a friend had heard that some insulators were worth a lot of money.  Hearing this we checked with a staff members father who was a foreman for CN in our local area and he said he knew of a large pile of insulators that he had seen on patrol one day.  We went out and checked the area and found about 300. At that time we were going to just get these and sell them on eBay, yard sales etc for some extra cash, but when I started cleaning them and seeing the different colors, styles and embossing I decided to display a few at home.  Now roughly 6 months later my collection and stock has grown out of control. As of today, Aug 30/03 I estimate that I have over 2500.

One of the reasons I decided to save and display some of these is because of the beautiful displays that members of ICON, NIA and other groups have displayed on their websites.

Ill use this site to display what I consider my best, and if I have the time and space, all the 700-800 I have on shelves currently.

I like to buy in bulk and commons are fine also. If you have any you would like to sell and you are within reasonable driving distance from the center of the Maritimes you can email me at wes@product-finder.ns.ca and let me know what you have for sale and maybe we can strike a deal.

I made a trip to Ontario this summer and visited Tim Grantz in Leechburg PA. I picked up about 800 insulators from Tim, some I had shipped in from all over the USA. Thanks Tim.  He let me store them there until I arrived. I had a look at his nice collection and saw first hand some of the more rare insulators that I have only been able to view on a computer monitor so far.  I have also made purchases from other collectors on the net and have had 100% satisfaction from these deals. Insulator collectors are truly kind and very understanding people.

My favorite types of insulators are

  • CD 102 Diamond's
  • CD 121 McLaughlin's

I also like these models, and still try to get these when the price is right

  • CD 106
  • CD 143
  • CD 145
  • CD 154
  • CD 160
  • CD 162
  • CD 162.4
  • CD 164
  • CD 190/191

I know this is a lot of favorites, but I'm trying to decide what I'm going to concentrate my collection on and build glass back lit displays for.

Well as of 2005 I have decided to just collect CD 145's
it is just too much work trying to sort and collect so many favorites. I have made some changes to the CD 145 page and also to my photo gallery. I am building new shelves all the time to handle the growing 145's I am getting in from all over.

Special Thanks to Norm Robar from Sydney, NS for the great deals on the CD 102's I bought from his collection. I got lots of them so I'll be a while sorting them out and listing them. He packs very well for the trip these take. Bought over 100 so far and no damage on any during shipping. Look forward to more purchases from Norm.

Thank you also to Carl Durand from Winnipeg for boosting up my CD 143 collection. Very easy to deal with and outstanding packing of parcels. I also got some CD 145's from him of types I did not have. Would definitely purchase from him anytime !!!

More people I wish to thank for great deals and great packing for a safe shipping trip

Gary Kline USA , for some 154's and 190/191
Sandia Harrison, Brookfield IL for some single fillers I wanted to add to the selection of CD's

OCT 25/2004 I'm Back

Well it has been way too long with out an update on the site, I have been busy building a new house this summer and with all the insulators packed away for safe storage I didn't do much collecting this summer.

I have started buying again, and with the weather finally getting rid of the bugs slowly, more hunts are planned real soon.

I have about 200-400 insulators in transit to me as of today Oct 25 and this will make it about 3500 insulators for the collection.

Ill try to get some more pictures posted as I get the new insulators and have them sorted.

I'm starting to actually sort my collection and inventory it now, but with 3500+ insulators now it will take quite some time.
Last night I was reading the article on Cataloging and Labeling Your Insulators by Bill and I agree with him, I should have started long before this. Here is a picture of the first rack I put up in the new basement room to get a start on this.

OCT 28/04 ...

Nov 12/04

Well after yesterday's hunt the collection is now up to 3700+ insulators.
Read about the days events in my Trips, Hunts and finds section.

Feb 1/05

The 145 display wall is in good shape and should be full by the end of the week or the first of next thanks to a shipment that will be coming from Ken Gardner. We made a deal on about 150 145's to add to the selection. I am also working with Norm Robar to get some more that I would like to add to the missing ones in the CD 145 world.

Feb 19/05

Well the total is probably near or just over 4000 insulators now thanks to a deal Robin Plewes and I made.
Lots more 145's that I have to sort through to get the best example from each listed insulator. Today I also decided where I am going to try to get as many of the NIA Commemoratives as possible that I am only going to keep about a dozen of the other insulators I have that are not 145's. From this I am putting up just about all the others I have for sale. I am going to spend some time in the next few months listing them on the various sites that people search. I will be starting each insulator on ICON for sale page, then possibly to the for sale list section, then eBay last.