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Updated Jan 7/18


I've been busy putting up new shelves to sort out my collection

Everything shown is for sale

here are some pics of most of my 102, 121 and 145's

Click on picture to see larger version

Some of what is below on the 102 and 121's


CD 102
Smooth base Qty 177
Creb Qty 4
Sharp Drip Points 47Diamond [060] Qty 104
B Qty 1
Sterling Qty 1
Diamond Varions Bar/Bar  Bar/Diamond Qty 92
MLOD no embossing Qty9
BTC Various EIN Qty 34
BTC/Montreal versions Qty 7
Star Qty 22
Diamond [165]EIN Qty 13
No Embossing Canada [090] EIN Qty 1

CD 121
AM Tel qty 18
Brookfield Qty 13
BTC Canada Qty 2
BTC Montreal Qty 1
Mclaughlin Qty 7
CD&P Qty 19
Diamond Qty 10
Hemingray QTY 50
Duquense Qty 6
WGM CO Qty 1

Already on sales page (Link)



CD 145 totals to follow when sorting completed

Click on any of the pictures to see larger view


I have a good camera again, so if you would like pictures of any specific insulator/Damage noted just email


I am from Nova Scotia Canada, so shipping to CA and the far West Coast can be a little pricy for 1 insulator.
Always willing to do a combined order to save on shipping.

I have some new really good rates with Fedex as of Nov 25/16 for both Canada and USA
Sometimes it is even lower priced than the mail for Canada

Recently sent 7 CD 147's to MS
Used 2 day service, it was $40 but there was also a 6 day service for $23

also Qty 1-3 was $17 for 6 day and $19 for 2 day service to MS

the closer to the north east USA you live, the better the price, and of course the further West and South West, the higher it gets
all based on distance from my location in Canada, Nova Scotia.

I am also willing to use the postal service, which works good on smaller CD 102-115 sizes where they are very light and can go in a small box.
Mail services are Small packet air mail and are advertised at 6-10 business days with no tracking #.
There is also Expedited parcel, but minimum price is 19.99 for the flat rate box, it has tracking, but is also 5-10 business days.

When someone is asking for a quote, I will always give as many options to choose from,
You can make your own call based on how much you want to invest in shipping.


I accept PayPal, money order from US buyers
Canada also Paypal, Money orders and Interact email transfer from online banking. (at the exchanged amount from US to CDN funds)
All prices are listed in US funds, including Shipping prices that are quoted

Extra pictures available on request
I will describe everything I see, but remember if there is a long description, it doesn't mean the insulator is junk, sometimes it takes a longer description to describe a small mark.

When asking for a shipping price or extra pictures showing described damage, please quote my Id # and your Zip or Postal Code

you can send all inquires to

Now to the Insulators

Click on Picture
to see it larger
My Id # Make - Brand Style CD # Embossing ID Color Description of Damage Price

3 Pictures of damage
Click to enlarge

10 W.G.M.CO 121 [010] Royal Purple small mark on mold right side on lower wire groove at mold line

small thin flake out of bottom skirt on front, about 1" wide

1/2" wide flake on bottom skirt on front


217 AM. INSULATOR CO. 145 [040]

I on dome

Light Aqua 1 fish eye bruise on upper wire groove, no missing glass, but you can see the fracture, about 1/4" wide

a few pin pricks on the dome



187 B 145 [035] Light aqua

W/milk swirls in dome

#2 on the dome

B on Front , 2 on Back

couple of flakes out of skirt, 1/8 and 1/4"

open bubble break on outside edge of outer skirt

bb bruise on the dome back side



105 G.N.W TEL. CO. 145 [010] Light Aqua small chip out of top of dome
small under the glass fracture on dome
rear outer skirt has some flaking off the bottom
2 spots, about 1" each

Has a light milk wisp line running from top to bottom of the dome face on left of front.  lots of small to medium size bubbles in glass

325 H.B.R. 145 [010] Aqua 1 bb chip pin head size on right side of crown $15

42 H.B.R. 145 [020] Blue Aqua 1 bb chip out of dome, to the left of the spot shown in the 3rd pic

this looks like an open bubble or a spot that had extra glass that was chipped off.

bb fracture under the glass on the dome just above the right side mold line

no other damage noticed


326 H.B.R. 145 [020] Blue Aqua
New 2015 Color
Small 1/2" thin flake off outer skirt
inner skirt is not even, molded up higher on the back side
kind of an underpour

light rust stain on the left mold line in the wire groove, i haven't tried to clean it.


Added 04/01/17

20 H.B.R. 145 [020] Light Aqua 1 small 1/4" flake chip out of the outer skirt right below the H

Straw marks on the back side

141 H.G.CO 145 [020]

H on Dome

Light Aqua BB Chip on dome

2 slivers out of side of base

088 H.G.CO 145 [020]

H on Dome

Light Green Skirt Fracture crack on back side, sliver out of skirt on outside back
Inner skirt good, no damage
some roughness around outer edge of bottom skirt.
380 H.G.CO 145 [050]

Looks like E
on dome

Light Apple Green 3 flake/chips out of outer skirt on the bottom base

big bubble above wire groove on right side
some other smaller bubbles

238 H.G.CO 145 [090] Dark Aqua Open bubble break on inner skirt at bottom edge3/4" long

just some light roughness around bottom outer edge of skirt, some slight chipping to edge of glass below CO

349 H.G.CO. 145 [120] Lime Green

H Mold

2 short stress cracks on inner skirt
1/2 under glass bb bruise back top dome

lots of micro bubbles and some bigger bubbles

small 1/4 flake out of base of skirt on rear side.

335 H.G.CO. 145 [140] Dark Aqua

M Mold

Left side above and below wire groove at mold line has some
Missing glass. Maybe broken bubbles
Click here for close up

1 pin head chip center of crown back side
2 very small nicks out of the very outer base/skirt edge.

258 Hemingray 145 [040] Aqua SDP

2 Drips damaged on front below HE

lots of straw marks on dome and top



26 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Peach as shown in lower pics,

1 bb shot on dome,

smaller bb chip on skirt

no other damage noticed.



39 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Peach 2 or 3 very small pin head size chips on the dome, hard to see until you really look for them

no other damage noticed

Could use another cleaning, a little residue left inside the inner skirt



43 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Peach Small wire groove rub

couple of flea bite chips on bottom of skirt

small chip on bottom of outer skirt


45 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Peach 1 chip on the dome (shown in 3rd pic)

couple of sliver flakes off bottom of skirt by mold line

some rubbing on the bottom outer edge of skirt at base



36 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Yellow Straw No damage noticed

some annealing marks in threads

straw marks on dome



40 No Embossing Canada


145 [010] Yellow Straw 1 1/4" scratch on the dome

no other damage noticed

under bottom lighting fizz bubbles show up nice

Straw marks and some internal annealing spots

some bubbles above and below the wire groove near the surface



41 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Yellow Straw small chip on upper wire groove

base sliver slice on bottom skirt, about 3/4" wide

big straw marks that have created creases in the dome and beside one of the mold lines on the skirt near the bottom

148 No Embossing Canada 145 [010] Yellow Straw No Damage noticed
small internal fracture on inner skirt when turned at the right angle

Open straw mark line on dome feels rough to the touch, no missing glass

223 No Embossing Canada 145 [020] Blue Aqua 1/4" sliver flake off the bottom of front skirt
small bb bruise under glass1/3 the way down the top crown
370 POSTAL 145 [010] Green 1/2" fish eye on back top dome, 2 very small chips out of wire groove, front right side, one upper and one lower, pin head size. Embossing strong, base no damage $13
247 Star 145 [010] Green small 1/4 inch sliver out of outer base

some inside bubbles on the back inside

213 Star 145 [020]   As shown in top right side of dome, bb shot has broken the glass underneath.

inner skirt has about 1 inch section broke out
on back side in this photo


Added 04/04/17

32 Patent - Other 147 [030] Green 1/2" wide flake out of outer skirt on bottom, just below the P in Patented



Added 04/04/17
33 Patent - Other 147 [030] Green Nice amber swirls - Streaks

2 flea bites on the dome

one spot on the lower wire groove just above the D that was hit and caused internal fracture of glass.

2 pics show, 2nd is over exposed to accent crack


Added 04/04/17
34 Patent - Other 147 [030] Green a few light bb pin head size marks on back skirt, to right of OCT

1/2" scratched spot on dome

2 small scratch/rubs on front skirt
some light rubs on the lower wire groove

sounds much worse than it is

1 NIA 1970


Only 48 Made
Mint As posted on Icon
$500 including

Sale $400US including shipping !!!

That's 1/2 of book

77 NA 1984 Nia
  White Milk w/Red Orange Swirls {Run 1} Mint $40
60 NA 1984 Nia
  White Milk w/Red Orange Swirls {Run 1} Mint $40
50 NIA 1987 Nia
  Orange Milk Mint $20


NIA 1995 Nia

Light Cornflower



80A NIA 2002 Nia
  White w/Red Swirl Mint $20
81 NIA 2007
Solid Pour
  Clear w/Opalescent Ring


Mint $50