The following photos show some of my favorite glass insulators. Some may not be worth much and may in fact be very common pieces but I have included them because I like the glass or maybe they remind me of the hunt that I was on the day that I found them.

Some things are worth more than the value stated in a price guide. Most of the glass that I find would not be worth messing with if you went by the book. Some have damage but even the damage can add to a piece sometimes. I would incourage collectors to look past the dollar signs and you may enjoy collecting more.


Patent 1871 single skirt No-Name. Lynchburg  Yellow Green Wide_groove Signal. Star signal with iron wire and thick train dirt.
Brookfield double-skirted toll, dark amber. Lynchburg Beehive with the B blot out. Early H.G. Co. Smooth base signal.
Dark green Brookfield Signal. Am Ins. Co. early signal with amber. K.C.G.W Beehive
H.G. Co. baby signal or double skirted pony as they were once called. Spun two on my first hunt. Brookfield Wide Groove Signal with Huge Skirt Bubble. Star signal with a shower of bubbles coming off of the pin hole.
Brookfield New York beehive mold varient (right). Note the curved dome and skirt.(left is a standard version) Small Crown Brookfield, The insulator that left the experts trying to explain. High atop its new home on a Virginia mountain. Nice Brookfield with nail.
Hawley Beehive in the N.E.G.M. Co. mold style.