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Updated:March 20/04

Robert J. Parker

918 Crescent Ave SE

High River, Ab., Canada

T1V 1H2

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About Me Page


Hi, I have been collecting insulators now since about the spring of 1999.  It has been a very interesting time.  I have explored some spectacular backcountry, rummaged through dirty attics, dark basements, drafty sheds, hundreds of antique shops, a couple of insulator and bottle shows, miles of rail lines and of course, hours on Ebay.  I have met some very fine people, both collectors and non-collectors.  I have traded, bought and sold insulators of all shapes, colors and sizes in both glass and porcelain.

I have come to the conclusion that insulator collecting is a fantastic hobby.

I was located in The Pas, Manitoba.  Which is the site of the only place where HBR (Hudson Bay Railroad) insulators were used on the lines.  These CD145 insulators were used on the rail line which goes from The Pas to Churchill, Manitoba (Canada's Only Inland Seaport).  The rail line was completed in the late 1920's to carry Canadian farm products to Europe and the rest of the world. 

The Big Move


My wife and I decided that we would like to have shorter and warmer winters. So we started to look for a new area in which to live. A relative of hers had just moved to a small town in Alberta called High River. He was planning an extended holiday in Mexico and invited us to use his new home in High River to test run the area. We tried it for the months of February and March/2003 and fell in love with the town and area. So much so that we bought a house there even before we had put our home in The Pas up for sale. The long and short of it is that we sold out in The Pas and moved to High River, Alberta in October. Slowly the boxes are getting emptied. I have not found any winter mitts yet and we have had -20C temperatures.

I have used $US for Values in my tables to be consistent with the Value Guide by Elton Gish.
I have a hard time identifying my porcelain pieces if you can help id the U#, please email me. My Porcelain List is currently outdated and I am trying to unpack the boxes and revise the list.


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