KOLONTÁR, DEVECSER - 04 10 2010 :-(
Huge toxic red mud food, industrial disaster.

Hungarian Baptist Aid


I am Zoltan Drinoczi and I like Insulators, I live in Hungary, in a small country in Central Europe. I have been collecting a pretty collection for my small child age. Especially, when I began study electricity in a tech high school and I finiched the electric engineer college, I had time to think: The Insulator-age is about to get an end and it is an unhappy thing, I thought, collecting is not only a hobby, it is a work to save an old industrial technology. The poles, Insulators and telephone wires were a part of the people's live at the 20th century, but nowadays they begin to disappear...

In Europe, there are some friendly collectors, some passive collectors; it is a good circle of friends. But we are few to organise shows because, unfortunately, the time and money balance is not equable. But the best thing is: new collectors were pop up in Europe, in 2004. The young 'power' are: Miklos, my friend in Hungary, others in Poland and Germany. With my page I want to help to new collectors to find the circle, tell more information and show my colletion. I found www.insulators.info too at 1999. I am ready to give help when I can, information, I welcome anybody and I show my collection gladly.

If you come to Hungary, you will find concrete and wood poles, porcelain Insulators.

The final say: "The Insulator collecting is not fashion to me, it is only respect!"

Dear Insulator factories, companies, Chinese ones,

I get every month an email from different factories about insulator deal. I am a personal collector only, I am not an electric company. You will not find businesses on this site but I would be happy for some free sample products to the growing of my collection, show to other collectors and to collegauses in the electric profession. Maybe a copany will find deal with you here by the sample products from you. Contact me about the details


UK Swap Meeting: Preston, Lancaster UK, August 6-7 2011

The next European Swap Meeting: Obratan, Czech Republic, 2012 by František
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Thanks for Bill Meier for the host on the Myinsulators.com server, and for the lot of help.

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From November 1st 2010
Egon & Dönci - East and West, Home is best
72 min amimation movie
It is an Hungarian home made animation movie in better quaility than the Pixar with beautiful picture and music world. Two aliens on a far planet, Egon & Dönci needs some adventures, discoveries. Egon builds a little space ship and they visit to the Earth at the far future..
It's language is international, it doesn't have talkings, the pictures talk everything.

The authors said, that movie is free. Unfortunately the offical website ceased, download it and watch it legal:
Download link
This movie had not big success, it begand be forgotten.. I downloaded it legal, I uploaded it legal to a file server (FileFactory)

Or watch online:

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