Present Electric Poles
The "Holer" concrete poles are the general in Hungary everywhere, some power companies use rotated concrete poles which are the best. The wood poles are used on country for consumer's lines, helper poles etc. The crossarms are from steel only. The new crossarms on 20 kV are pole top support base for 3-6 Insulators. On 230/400 V is not new technology because the cables, over head cables are being built. The Insulators are porcelain line post and porcelain rod strain ones most general, some companies use plastic, composit line post and rod strain Insulators. Some companies use multipart pin type, suspension type glass Insulators and/or porcelain "top groove" Deltas. Now I see, different power companies use own techologies: Italian, Duch, French, German ones, by the ownship. The 35 kV voltage lines were downgraded to 20 kV local distribution because the 120 kV lines make the high distributor work.
230/400 V poles
20 kV poles
Newer 20 kV poles with Deltas, There are the last generation of Deltas in Hungary
Old wood 20 kV poles with old harware and new Insulators
35 kV poles
New 20 kV poles