Old Electric Poles
At the first electrifies the wooden poles have been the general, but somewhere the concrete poles were had used. In the urban areas the steel poles were had used which helped for the urban traffic, on the tram upwrires holding. The Insulators have been on the small voltage Bell types: Bells, Nosers, Spooks, T-bars, on medium and high voltage the Delta type and porcelain suspensions: normal suspensions, Motor suspensions were had used. The most part of the Insulators have made in Hungary, in Budapest you find some very old Bell type Czech made Insulators from the Habsburg age which have survived the wars. At the communist age we got some impors Insulators from DDR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. At the war time who knows which foreign groups imported Insulators, they are very rare.
On the country the hook pins were the general on 230/400 V and 20 kV on wood poles, the 35 kV have used steel crossarms on wood poles or full concrete poles with concrete crossarm or steel poles with suspension Insulators. These poles are very are already at this times, I try capture some with my camera. In urban area on the 230/400 V the steel crossarms have been the general. The porcelain Insulators were had used everywehere, the glass have been forbidden, they were had used on the 230/400 kV lines for sign the neutral wire, they are rare. At the 50s-60s the brown porcelains have changed the glass for sign and the KT (German N-95) type Insulators have done all Bell (DG) types.
230/400 V poles
20 kV poles
35 kV poles