Pole Fittings and Crossarms
MPSZ 111.63-72
U tartók
U crossarms
KPM Sz P 111.70-65
L crossarms
MPSZ 111.66-79
U Tartó és keresztartó kengyel
Stirrup for U and L crossarm
KPSZ 111.60-76
U Tartó pecek
Pin for U crossarm
KPM Sz P 111.61-65
Pecek a keresztartókhoz
Pin for L crossarms
MPSZ 111.58-77
Huzalkötél tartó
Holder for anchor wire
KPM Sz P 111.62-65
U tartó alátét
Chock for U crossarm
MPSZ 111.65-79
Kereszttartó alátét
Chock for L Crossarm
KPM Sz P 111.57-65
Holder for buttress
The commonest: Hook pin for 1 Insulator, and studded side arm for 2 Insulators. Everywhere were used hooks, for transposition used the studded side arm. (The sizes are in mm , 1cm = 10mm)

Crossarms. 5 type crossarms exist, with 4 pins and with 2 above pins and 2 under J pins (because of the J was cheaper, it is very common), and crossarm for carrier frequency. It has 4 pins, 2 pins pair. The 8 pins crossarm was used only on double poles (2 pics 4 pins crosarm in one). The pins are welded or screwed. The crossarms are from U-profile steel. They were used in point-to-point network.

(From MPSZ 111.63-72 Newscast network's steel fittings norm)

L-profile crossarms. The crossarms made from L-profile steel for 2, 6, 10 pins. The 10 pins crossarms were usen only on double poles or 2 roof rod poles. They were welded or screwed. It was used in local network in cities, towns.

Stirrup. The crossarms were put up with them on the pole.

Brace pole and anchor steel wire which holds the poles on the line bend, and end.

The Hungarian wood is not good quality, the poles need concrete foots.