This months installment features the dubious milk swirl.

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No mystery here! It is quite obvious that the featured insulator is: CD 121, B.T.C. (090), (F-Skirt) (B.T.C. blotted out)/CANADA, SB

Height: 3.740 inches
Diameter: 2.411 inches
Stolen From: Westbank, British Columbia.

We are hoping you can help settle a disagreement that the insulator gurls are having. Some of them which shall remain nameless, state that the insulator is a common light aqua value $1-$2.00, but Kim believes the insulator to be Light aqua w/Milk Swirls value $30-$40.00! She maintains that a milk swirl, is a milk swirl, is a MILK SWIRL! Size, contrary to popular belief, is non important. The others which shall remain nameless, say that you must actually be able to see the milk for it to constitute as an actual swirl! Hmph! Ludicrous narrow minded Insulatorgurls!

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