Are Dogs and Cats Endangered Species?

It may seem incredible, but yes, they are!

The fact is, there are some folks who want to cut all connections between humans and every other (non-human) species.

They want everyone, including you, to become a vegan --- whether you want to or not.
That's right --- you would be forced to stop eating meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc.

That would mean:

  • No more crispy bacon
  • No more juicy cheeseburgers
  • No more filet mignon
  • No more pork chops
  • No more egg nog
  • No more BBQ baby back ribs
  • No more chocolate milk
  • No more fish and chips
  • No more lobster
  • No more crab cakes
  • No more ice cream
  • No more clam chowder
  • No more omelets
  • No more tuna casserole (okay, maybe that's a good thing!)
  • No more chocolate chip cheesecake
  • No more hot buttered rum
  • No more pepperoni pizza
  • No more Egg McMuffin®
  • No more chile con carne
  • Nothing but veggies for you from now on!!!

These same people are trying to put an end to circuses, zoos, aquariums, rodeos, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, farming, ranching, animal-based medical research and anything else involving contact between humans and other animals.
In their world, nobody would be allowed to wear leather, silk, fur, feathers or any other animal based clothing items.

Many of our modern medicines, such as those used for diabetes and many other medical conditions, could not exist. Neither would many of the tests for those same conditions.

And yes, it's true. Because of this weird agenda these folks have, dogs and cats are now becoming endangered species!

They don't want humans to keep dogs or cats or any type of pets. That includes horses, goats, birds, fish, snakes, hamsters, ferrets, name it!

Ultimately, they would like to see all domestic cats and dogs disappear from the face of our Earth.

In the world they wish to create, there would be:

  • No guide dogs for the blind
  • No police K9s
  • No hunting dogs (nor any hunting at all)
  • No dog or cat shows
  • No hearing dogs for the deaf
  • No therapy dogs
  • No 4H or FFA animal projects
  • No service dogs for the disabled
  • No search & rescue dogs

No Fluffy or Fido at your house!!!


This page is under development. More info will be posted soon.

Who is pulling the strings of our politicians and raiding our pocketbooks, in this quest to eliminate all pets?

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