Who is this Deb person, anyway?

That's a tough question. The answer is not 42, though that works for other questions.
I'm still working on the definitive answer. Here is just a little peek at my work-in-progress.

Deb's Bio

Born: Redlands, California (5th generation native Californian, a rara avis)
Reside: Right back where I started from!
Vocation: Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (Paramedic, retired)
U.S. Air Force Veteran

fun stuff with my Samoyeds creating art wwwebstuff (surfing and mastering)


Chinese language and culture


These are a few of my favorite things...

old friends, formerly lost, now found
lifelong learning
USC Trojan football 

(Fight on!)


sterling silver roses

witty conversation

hugs and kisses

Monty Python

the aroma of cinnamon

Pete and the Boyz of Troy

Matt, Reggie, LenDale, Dwayne,
Frostee, Steve, Michael, Darnell, Dominique, John David, Mario, 
Fred, Hershel, Sedrick, Brandon, 
Ryan, David, Oscar, Taitusi, Tom, 
Fred, Rey, Chris, Dallas, Wil, 
Terrell, Patrick, Troy, Kyle, Scott, Andre, Justin, John and 
ALL the rest...

(aka: Samoyed dogs)

nature (flora, fauna, waterfalls, rocky beaches, sunsets...the whole thing)
the escape of a good book
time with friends and family Italian food, Mexican food, seafood
jazz, heavy on the sax
and acoustic guitar
alternative energy sources almost anything purple
getting past a genealogical brick wall
traveling along the California coast a friendly smile, a twinkle in the eye
watching raptors soar
new puppies old dogs

cruising the Chesapeake on my yacht
chocolate (the dark kind is best)
observing the human condition
the wildness of wolves
playing in the mud the beach in winter
the beauty of mountains
the sun through stained glass insulators on my windowsill

Not so much loving...
cigarette smoke poor personal hygiene
big government/intrusive laws control freaks
snakes -- worms with teeth -- ACK!
dishonesty rudeness
macho posturing vertigo & nystagmus
spelling and grammar errors incompetent medical "professionals"
sidewalks complacency

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Who am I?
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