Did you spot the fakes from the warning page?

Take a look here and see if you knew the genuine article from the worthless junk.


All 4 of these pieces have been heat-stained.

This is another heat-stained piece. 

These pieces are both heat-stained.


Two porcelain pieces, both genuine.


This little Agee from down under is in its original glorious color.

This piece has been irradiated.

This piece is heat-stained.

Pretty, but not worth the price.


These two beehives are in their genuine, 
unaltered colors.


This piece has been painted.


These two "Mickey Mice" are the genuine article.
No paint on these meeces!

This unlikely piece is heat-stained.


The glaze on this piece has been overlain with a fancy new "reglaze" job. Move over, Earl Scheib!


These pieces are both painted.

This is a resin "impostulator." Nice for filling ina hole in yourcollection, but don't pay too much!


This is another irradiated fake.

The reglaze on these two altered porcelain pieces is so nice that the "artist" even signed them!

This Mickey Mouse has had a fake carnival coating applied. Its pretty, but this piece never came with a factory carnival coating.


Did you get this one right? 
It is a CD 162 in a beautiful electric blue.
It is the real thing!


This lineup would feel right at home at the local constabulary. They are all heat-stained fakes.


It isn't hard to tell. 
This wild reglaze is not the real deal.


Did you recognize that the carnival color was fake? Good! But this little gem is also made of resin!

 The carniehere is the real thing.


These Mickey Mice are genuine in color and design.

Better living through nuclear power? Thecolor on these pieces has been achieved through irradiation.


This Lynchburg beehive is 100% genuine, right down to the drip points.


Could this sapphire blue beehive be real? You bet it is!


Seeing triple? Triple heat-stained CD 128s!


Even more heat-stained pieces. 
This guy's kitchen must be getting pretty hot!


This big Agee piece is the companion to the little guy up above. Also the real McCoy!


What do you think? 
The crackle finish and grape color are a dead giveaway. This piece is altered.

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