How does one go about collecting insulators?
Where do you find them?

Basically, there are three choices. You can buy them, trade for them, or hunt for them in the wild.

Insulators can be found for sale a number of different places, such as: 

antique stores
flea markets
yard sales
estate sales
online auctions (eBay, yahoo, etc.)
insulator or bottle shows
directly from other collectors

Most trading is done between collectors. 
This may be facilitated online or at shows.
Some collectors go out into the "wild" and hunt for insulators at or near their original places of function. Some can be found still sitting on poles. Some may be on the ground or buried near where the poles originally sat before the lines were dismantled. Some have even been dug on the sites of old outhouses!

***WARNING: Since its inception in 1849, commercial use of electricity has been one of the most potentially dangerous commodities in our society. According to statistical data, 0.8-1% of accidental deaths are caused by an electric injury. Electric injury accounts for 1000 deaths each year in the United States, with a mortality rate of 3-15%.

If you intend to collect insulators by hunting in the wild, be certain you learn how to avoid making accidental contact with live electrical lines!



Photos from the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club's Spring show, March 1, 2003

To learn more about collecting insulators, visit Bill Meier's excellent site:

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