Important Safety Tip: Insulator Collecting can be ADDICTIVE!!!

Look at all the great stuff out there!
There are so many possibilities. Mud, glass, interesting shapes, sparkling colors, innovative manufacturers, stuff with weird inclusions in the glass, drip points, carnival coatings...

As a new collector it is typical to want to "get them all."

You can't. It just isn't possible even if you have an unlimited budget.

So...what should you do?


You can specialize in many ways.
One or several CDs, U numbers or M numbers
A single manufacturer
A specific usage
Oh, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I am currently specializing in Beehives and the color purple.
The photo above shows some of the pieces in my collection that fit into BOTH categories.

I include the following in the Beehive category:

Glass---CDs:  103, 104, 143, 143.4, 144, 144.5, 145, 146.4, 147, 149 and 150.

I am also interested in collecting a few porcelain beehives.

Two porcelain beehives. These are the only ones in my collection
at present. I like the mottled glaze on the one at right.

Two of the special beehives in my collection:
Left:  Withycombe-style CD 143
Right:  CD 144 (Foree Bain)

You dirty, dirty beehive!

These are all Beehives (by my definition), yet look at the amazing variety of shapes here.
Even though all are within the green/aqua color group, I find this is an exciting display.

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