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We found this Insulator Pole, coat rack, hall tree, what have you at an antique store in Richmond, IL. It stands about six feet tall. The crossarms measure about 20". The insulators are made of wood. According to the dealer, it came out of an estate sale in Manchester, IA. Its only the second one I have ever seen. Rick Soller has one that came out of an old railroad depot in the Green Bay, WI area. Have you ever seen one?

This sign is one I just had to have. I have never seen another that mentions breaking insulators or damaging the line. Not only that but its from 'Illinois'.

Its plastic but still a neat go-with.

This is a flashing (strobe) light from the top of a high voltage transmission tower. Having never seen one up close, I never imagined it to be nearly three feet tall and a over a foot in diameter. It has two 700 watt bulbs inside the red and clear lenses. Certainly expains why they can be seen for miles and miles. Its was made by the Crouse Hinds Co. in Syracuse, NY.

The bulbs are nearly a foot tall.

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by Russ Frank
Last updated
March 2003