35th Annual
Mid-Ohio Isulator Show

Springfield, Ohio

November 2005

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Wilkerson Glass sales table
The 35th Mid Ohio miniature commemoratives made from recycled Aqua Hemingray insulators
Even one of the 25th show shirts got recycled
Charlie and Sandra Iron's outstanding battery rest display
Jim White's pony display
So many tables, so many insulators
Bob (Guardfrog) Alexander's photo workshop
Some great sales stock
A few of this years unique Mid-Ohio commemoratives
Mark and Elaine Corriero's unique wood insulator creations
Glenn Drummond and Alan Stastny
Kim Borgman's Hemingray Display
Bill and Jill Meier's Display
Colors galore
Gus Staffords Spooling Around Display
Roger Lucas # 3 Armstrong Display
Alan Hohnhorst's Fireplug Display
Cable Display
Jim Colburn's Pittsburg High Voltage U 73's
Mid-Ohio Comemmoratives
Mid-Ohio Comemmoratives
Rick Soller's LRI Display
Dave Kingston's Guy Wire Display
Mark and Elaine Corriero's Corner
As much as I would like to remember everyones name and face, I don't.
If I have misidentified anyone or have the name wrong, please let me know so I can correct it.

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