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The four wise men. Dick Bowman, Kevin Lawless, Glenn Drummond and guess who.

One of Steves famous sales tables.

Its usually so warm in Ohio in November that Steve has to bring in snowmen, just to make some of us feel at home. Actually they are part of Marilyn Turners crafts.

?, Shaun Kotlarsky, Bob Stahr, Roger Lucas, Bill and Jill Meier at the 2000 Washington Courthouse Show

If your looking for color, this was the place to be.

A Rainbow of Glass.

London, Ohio

John & Carol McDougald (was this their first show?)

Springfield, Ohio

Steve with his famous horns. (Is he plugged into that outlet behind him?)

Steve and his best friend?

Forest Jones at one of the early '70's shows.

Mr. Milholland and Richard Case.

Sandra Drummond and Steve Blair

Don Borman, Pete Bishop and Jerry Turner

Dennis McHenry

Jack Snyder, just out of jail and hiding from his parole officer.

Bob Thompson the H.K.Porter Man and Roy and Gertrude Galloway

Vern Russell (Note the 317.9 on the top shelf)

Dick Bowman and Jim Crandall

Forest Jones and Isabell Miller of the Miller Twin Pin Insulator

Sandra and Glenn Drummond

An early show.

Is that Jim Crandalls back?

One of the lean years.

Turners table. Roy Galloway in background.

Glenn and Sandra Drummond. A slim twelve table year.

Mrs. Milholland, Lois Blair and Chris.

Darlene and Robert Nobbe, Jerry and Mrs.Turner and Pete Bishop

Ken Willick and Nancy Cook

Mid 80's

Michelle Kotlarsky and Shaun's Insulator Mobile

Jeff Katchko, Anita and Butch Kirk

Joe Beres, Kevin Lawless and Genie Beres

Chris and Marlyn (back) Hedges checking it out in the book

Glenn Drummond presenting and award to Jim Bridges

Pete and Lillian Bishop

Lois and Steve Blair

Joe and Genie Beres, Kevin Lawless, Dick Bowman and Jim Colburn

Rob Lloyd from Windsor, Canada with his threadless

Kevin Lawless presenting Steve with the Sterling Finch award

Lois Blair

Lois Blair, Pete Bishop, Robert Nobbe and Jim White(?)

Paul Haupt

Lois working the concessions

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