Wilkerson Glass of Moundsville, WV have become regulars at the Springfield Mid-Ohio Shows. In addition to their great array of sales items, they always provide a terrific display of glass making talent. From their line of artistic glass creations, to the unique giant marbles and Hemingray miniatures molded out of recycled Hemingrays 42 insulators.

Wilkerson Glass demonstration and sales tent.

Fred Wilkerson Jr. explains the details of an item to a customer.

The Wilkersons during one of their demonstrations.

The portable blast furnace created the molten glass.

You can feel the intense heat from the furnace.

Glowing orange molten hot glass on the end of the rod, being poured into a Hemingray miniature mold. Snips ready to cut just the right amount of glass.

The plunger created the pin hole and inner skirt.

The end result. A reproduction of a Hemingray miniature insulator.

A 1" tall Hemingray miniature. Wilkersons melted down a Hemingray 42 insulators at the 2003 show to demonstrate the process of making an insulator. Not many survived since they did not have an anneling oven to slowly cure the hot glass.

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