Insulators used in Australia - Manufacturers & Insulator Markings

Local & International Porcelain Manufacturers & Markings - Past & Present

Insulator Markings Company Name Location of Production
"R.F. Ltd." or "Fowler" Robert Fowler Ltd. New South Wales.
"W" Welland South Australia.
"S#"/SUNSHINE Sunshine Potteries Victoria.
"KP" Koster Potteries (Products) South Australia.
"NZI" New Zealand Insulators New Zealand
"FB" Fire Brick & Tile Co. Victoria.
"RABONE FEEZ" Rabone Feez Ltd. Victoria.
"MI" or "Morlynn" Morlynn Insulators Victoria
"DIA" Doulton Industries Australia Victoria
"Shofu" - Occupied/Japan Shofu Japan
"MB" - Occupied/Japan MB Japan
"Z[Year]" ? Japan
"??B.I. & H.G.?? " ? Most likely British.
"Doulton" Doulton Staffordshire & Tamworth, England
"Bullers Limited/Ltd. London ['Hand holding insulator']" Bullers Limited London, England (HQ)
"G&G - English Make" G&G Stoke-on-Trent, England
"J[Number]" Unknown Unknown/possibly Australia

Note: This list will be added onto when time permits.