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My Collection

In the year-plus  I have been collecting, I have accumulated a good number of pieces, 100+
to be exact.  I decided on a specialty in CD 145 beehives, and am starting to pick up a
"sub-specialty", CD 162.1.  Due to the insulator color usage throughout my home state of Virginia, the majority of my collection leans towards Aqua, Green, Blue, and Clear. 

The majority of my collection are Brookfield and Hemingray products, with scattered Whitall-Tatum and
Armstrong pieces.  I am usually looking to buy glass, but I only buy mint condition, glass.  I will trade pieces, of course if the price is right.  At this point, I do not yet sell.

All of the below information comes from the 2003 Official Insulator Price Guide, by the McDougalds.
Do note that the below list is NOT my entire collection, only pieces which I find to be worth showing for one reason or another.  Click the blue manufacturer name to see the piece.

    CD #                              Manufacturer                 Embossing                     Color                              


Brookfield [040] Aqua
102 Brookfield [020] Green Aqua
  Brookfield [080] Light Green
122 Hemingray [030] Hemingray Blue
133 Brookfield [310] Light Aqua
134 Brookfield [030] Aqua
145 H.G.Co [020] Green Aqua
  B [010] Aqua
  B [010] Green Aqua
  B [010] Light Aqua
  B [010] Light Aqua
  B [030] Green Aqua
  B [035] Light Aqua
  B [035] Light Aqua
  B [037] Green
  Brookfield [020] Green Aqua
  Brookfield [030] Green Aqua
  Brookfield [080] Light Aqua
  Hemingray [010] Aqua
  Brookfield [010] Aqua
  Brookfield [100] Light Aqua
  Brookfield [230] Aqua
147 Patent-other [005] Aqua
151 H.G.Co [140] Aqua
152 Brookfield [040] Green Aqua
  Hemingray [010],[020] (Dome shots) Lt. Bl. Aqua, Aqua
  Hemingray [010],[020] Lt. Bl. Aqua, Aqua
  Hemingray [040] Aqua
  Hemingray [040] Aqua w/ amber swirls
Hemingray [085] Aqua
154 Hemingray [005] Hemingray Blue
  Hemingray [070] Green
  Hemingray [070] Hemingray Blue
  Hemingray [140] Clear
  Whitall Tatum [010] Pink
  Whitall Tatum [050] Ice Aqua
  Whitall Tatum [080] Light Aqua
  Hemingray [090] Hemingray Blue
  Lynchburg [070] Green Aqua
155 Armstrong [010] Clear
  Armstrong [030] Light Smoke
  Hemingray [030] Clear
  Whitall Tatum [010] Straw
  Whitall Tatum [040] Light Straw
162 Hemingray [070] Green Aqua
  Star [010] Light Blue
162.1 Brookfield [030] Emerald Green
  Brookfield [030] Green
162.5 B [010] Aqua
214 Hemingray [030] Clear
216 Armstrong [010] Root Beer Amber
230 No Name [010] Clear
272 Armstrong [020] Root Beer Amber