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TGL Direct Vintage Insulators

Telephone Archive ''Insulators on Ebay'' Page

ICON homepage
Insulator Collectors On the Net homebase

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Crown Jewels of the Wire
Crown Jewels of the Wire - the insulator enthusiast's magazine


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And here are sites on DMOZ specifically devoted to insulators

Collector's Pages - just ask and your page can be listed here!

Insulator Jewelry
Jewelry made from...what else...INSULATORS!!!

Lee Brewer's Insulator Page
Some pea-soup beehives are showcased here, along with a wonderful dig site he calls the 'insulator graveyard'.

Insulators and More
Nice site about porcelain insulators, high voltage cutouts, arresters and switches, and other line equipment.

Dave Dahle's insulator page
Nice site about insulators, watt-hour meters, and telephone poles.

Bill Meier's insulator page
Founder of ICON and tireless worker of the ICON website.

Telegraph, Insulator, Telegram & Mining Collector and Information Site
Excellent photo references for determining glass insulator CD numbers.

ICON's list of Collector's Pages
Large collection of insulator enthusiasts's personal insulator pages & websites.

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