Insulators and Ties
MPSZ 112.03-87
Postai Szigetelõk
Mail Insulators
MPSZ 100.52-87
Menetes mûanyag kupak postai szigetelõk felerõsítéséhez
Threaded plastic cap for fixing mail Insulators
The Hunharian telephone network was the Hungarian Mail's own one. We called them for the mail's wires, and the mail's poles. The Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) and near the river dams were used similar construction which was used by the mail. The Insulators's numbers are from the mails's name: Hungarian Mail: "Magyar Posta" :MP-1, MP-2 and MP-3, these are the globe-head Insulators only.
The transposition insulator is: MPK Insulator in only one size. The MPK means: "Magyar Posta Keresztezési" : Hugarian Mail Transposition. This 2 types are the telephone Insulators here only.
The other Insulators were made for the telegraph lines. There used 5 mm steel wires, it were heavy to holds. Lot of Insularor were manufactured for it, and they were needless, because the telephone lines were better, and it didn't need the heavy steel wire. Bronze wires were used.
Lot of Insulators remained, ant they were built in the telephone lines. I don't know their number.
Mail's Insulators: Mail's line Insulator the MP one (globe-head), and the Mail's transposition Insulator the MPK one.

Sizes in cm:
Insulator Number A B C D E F Resistantion (MegaOhm) Breaking Power (Newton)
Mail's line Insulator MP-2 7 9.5 2.3 2.1 5.1 - 3,000 MOhm 7,000 N
Mail's line Insulator MP-3 8.6 13 2.3 2.1 5.1 - 3,000 MOhm 12,000 N
Mail's transposition Insulator MPK 10 12 2.2 2 - 10 3,000 MOhm 8.000 N

(From MPSZ 112.03-87, Mail's Insulators norm)

Terminal Insulator (Napoleon Hat) and terminal tie,
The terminal Insulator keeps dry the end of the textie
and rubber insulated wire.
Transposition ties
The transposition is against the induction. There have to use it about 1.6 km regularly.

Ties: Normal line ties and dead end ties

Test point on the line