Redlands High School
Class of 1977

Who will be going to the Big Reunion?

RHS Terrier Seal

The ones you haven't heard from in 
almost 30 years?
The one who knew all the answers in 
Mr. Foehner's Geometry class?
The one who talked you into cutting 
Mr. Kime's Algebra class?
The one you've kept in touch with ever since 
High School?
The ones you cruised E Street with every Friday night?
The one who went with you to the Prom?
The King of the Sadie Hawkins Day dance?
Your best pal since kindergarten?
The one you had a crush on since Junior High?
The one who gave you your very first real kiss?
The ones who signed your yearbook with 
really goofy messages?
Your lab partner in 
Mr. Cruickshank's Chemistry class?
The one who always gave you a hard time in P.E.?
The one whose locker was next to yours?
The fastest typist in Mr. Bucholz' class?
The one who shared your car during Driver's Ed?
The ones who hung out with you on "the wall?" The one who lived around the corner from you?
The ones who streaked the Senior 
Awards Assembly?
The one who worked next to you building 
the Homecoming float?
The senior class president?
The bad boy of SWAS?
The ones who put jello in the school 
swimming pool?
The one who made all that incredible stuff 
in Mr. Estrada's Art class?
The one who knows about what happened 
"that one band camp?"
The one who went with you to that concert 
at the Swing?
The ones you ate lunch with by the Puppy Hut 
every day?
The one who always got sent to the 
Principal's office?

Who do you hope to see at the reunion?

We hope to see you!

Here are links to more info about the reunion!



Updated July 17, 2012

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