(Disclaimer: This presentation does not advocate, endorse, guarantee, imply nor infer any person can safely climb utility poles based solely on reading its content. It is for informational purposes only.)

The purpose of this page is to offer a summation of the key points of the presentation. If you are seriously pursuing pole climbing instruction, then you may want to refer here only with some fundamental knowledge of the subject.


redbullet Do lots of calisthenics before starting your training; especially leg exercises.

yelbullet Buy a new pair of climbing boots. Half-shanks are more than adequat.

grnbullet The climbing mantra is: Hand, Charlie, Stroke!

redbullet Keep your knees locked! (Remember: Toe down, you go down!)

yelbullet Always be cognizant of the 3-Point Rule and 30° between you and the wood!

grnbullet When you safety on, "Be a pro, look and know!"

redbullet To maneuver up:

whtbullet Strap up,

whtbullet Shift up,

whtbullet Stand up, lock to Charlie,

whtbullet Step and Stroke into the wood,

whtbullet Short-shift back.

yelbullet To maneuver down:

whtbullet Strap down to approximately 0°,

whtbullet Aim with heel; drop on locked knee about 12 inches,

whtbullet Shift back.

grnbullet To maneuver laterally:

whtbullet Shift in the direction of lateral move,

whtbullet Ungaff,

whtbullet Take a wide, shallow step,

whtbullet Power straight up and lock to "Charlie",

whtbullet Aim with heel; drop on locked knee 4 to 6-inches.

redbullet Heel spacing:

whtbullet 6 to 8-inches for normal ascent,

whtbullet 4 to 6-inches for maneuvering,

yelbullet Inspect your equipment each time before use.

grnbullet Wear work pants without rivets.


The End.


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