Ed. Note: Thanks to David Dahle for mailing this to me for the grabber site! Text and photo © Kevin Jacobson.

Insulator Picker!

Looking for an insulator picker design? Try this out.

Loosen insulators by using wedge "V" and turning pole

Spin off insulators using 1 leg laid down the side of the insulator and giving it a spin

Lift insulators off the pin using the "V" under the skirt and around the pin.

Lift off insulators by wedging the insulator in the spring loaded "V"

Attach to Tree trimming pole and use pruner to cut off the wires that are sometimes left on abandoned insulators. Don't think a pruner will cut those wires? Give it a try!




Materials Needed:

3/8" OD x 36" Aluminum Rod (Home Depot $3.00)

2' 5/8" OD I 3/8" ID High Pressure Paint Sprayer Hose (Home Depot $ 1.20/Ft)

A little WD-40 to makes the job a bit easier.

At the midpoint of the aluminum rod, bend the rod completely in half. This should be a sharp radius (red arrow in photo). Do not cut the rod, as part of the functionality of the picker uses the torsion spring formed later by the rod.

Next form the picking "V" by bending both halves of the rod at a right angle to the bottom portion about 6" up from the middle point fold shown above. Spread the picking "V" legs apart at the end about 5" and install the Paint Sprayer hose over the rods as shown in the photo. These will be difficult to slide on and will require some form of lubricant. I used WD-40 for the job.


Happy picking,
Kevin Jacobson
NIA #6720

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