The Grabber Page

So, you wanna build an insulator grabber…………

Well, you've come to the right place! Here you will find several different designs and ideas from many different folks. Browse through the different ideas, and get started on your own grabber. We'll be adding new designs and ideas as they are contributed, so be sure to visit often.

If you have a great idea, or a grabber design that works well for you, why not share it with other collectors? After all, wouldn't you rather see those insulators going to good homes than the dump? E-mail your plans, photos, drawings, to me at the address below, and we'll include them here, along with credit to you.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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The Snagalator
by Rod Shelley

by Kevin Jacobson

by Gil Pollard

by Bob Roehrig

by David Ludlow

The Cup

The Bumper
Patrick Scott

The Plunger
Scott Fleming

Roto-Moto Grabber
Rod Shelley

The Skirt Chaser
Scott Hadley

Grabber Design
Mike Jackson

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