Welcome to the Insulator Photo Album

Here, you'll find photos of some of our insulators, insulator hunts (when we're able to actually hunt..), go-withs, and wahtever other insulator related photos I decide to post. I'm going to just use in-line images rather than do the usual "click on a thumbnail" type album. The album section will consist of multiple pages, rather than one super-long page to scroll through.

Enjoy the photos!


This is a mid-span transposition bracket used to cross - or transpose - parallel wires to avoid crosstalk. These brackets use 4 of the CD-1049 spools like the one on the right.


Here's a fallen pole near Vassar, Kansas, with a crossarm-mounted tramp bracket & CD-1049s. Needless to say, the bracket and spools are now part of our collection!


I'm in the process of "rescuing" a nice light green Hemingray petticoat near Vassar, Ks.


Here I am, grinning like a cheshire cat, with my booty - a light green Hemingray petticoat beehive, and a CD-147 spiral.


In October, 2000, we spent a great day with Pat Scott kicking around St. Louis. Here, Pat is doing his civic duty by cleaning up glass from around this fallen pole.


Jolene is busy putting insulators on our table at a swap in Independence, Ks.


Brian Riecker checks out some colorful glass on the light table at the swap meet.


We found this partly fallen pole near Paola, KS. The light green insulator is a Hawley. The Hawley and all of the other glass on this pole came home with us.

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