Here you will find a picture of my collection together with closeups of some of my glass pieces at the bottom of the page. I will update these pictures on a regular basis. As I regularly go on hunts I am always adding new pieces as well as trading existing insulators for foreign ones.

There's nothing wrong with the insulators at the corners of the picture, its caused by the wide lens I'm using to squeeze the entire display into the picture as I was standing just six feet away.

Travel along the shelves in this video clip and view each insulator close up. The video is in wmv format which plays in Realplayer and Windows Media Player, it will also play in other players if the codec has been installed. File size is 11MB so allow time if you're on a slow connection. This video is years old so the contents are different to what's currently on the shelves.

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Some of my best colours are shown below.

These are my shocking blues. Two Cobalt signals flanked by two CD151 Natco's in Peacock Blue

Here's my ambers. From left: CD162 in Honey Amber, CD145 in Honey Amber, CD162 in Honey Amber with round drips, CD162 in Root Beer, CD154 in Orange Amber, CD162 in Root Beer

Here's links to individual pictures of my glass pieces. This list is incomplete at the moment and I will add the rest in due course.

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