British Insulator Collecting

Welcome to DoubleGroove, a photographic record of antique telegraph poles in service. The aim of this site is to preserve forever the once common sight of telegraph poles laden with insulators that once stood beside our roads and railways. Such poles are becoming rarer by the day as contractors are constantly replacing them, not to mention insulator collectors like myself who are always picking the poles of anything interesting. At the moment there are over 1000 pictures of poles from Europe and North America. I am always adding more as and when I take pictures of poles I come across.

My Display - my collection on shelves, now includes a video tour of the shelves

High Resolution Galleries - photo tours of poles containing insulators

Old site - this is my old webpage containing low resolution pictures of general poles and insulators

The author about to saw through the crossarm The author up a pole attempting to remove some insulators.

Click here to enlarge Another day, another pole. Here I am taking down some spools. Click on this picture for a larger one

Both pictures taken by Fredrik Höjefält

For more information on British insulators you may like to visit Teleramics which goes into detail about insulator types and markings. Luke Birch, a fellow British collector also has a website.

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