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Here are images and information for the different style categorizations of glass insulators.

The Consolidated Design numbers (CD numbers) for battery rests are assigned by Kevin Lawless; for threaded pin-types, by N. R. Woodward; for threadless pin-types, by Ray Kligensmith; for threadless blocks, by Ray Klingensmith; for miscellaneous glass, by Marion & Evelyn Milholland; for spools, by N. R. Woodward; and for guy wire strains, by Kevin Lawless.

These descriptions of the ranges of the CD numbers are from the McDougalds' 2003 Glass Insulators Price Guide, and's CD Numbers Explained.

The listings at the top of the pages for individual CDs primarily include only the manufacturer and color variations listed in the McDougalds' 2003 Glass Insulators Price Guide.

The 'Foreign' categories contain insulators from outside the main countries of North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico).



Battery Rest Insulators (CD 10 to 99)

Threaded Pin-Type Insulators (CD 100 to 375)

Foreign Threaded Pin-Type Insulators (CD 376 to 699)

Threadless Pin-Type Insulators (CD 700 to 799)

Obsolete Foreign Pin-Type Insulators (CD 800 to 999)

Non-Pintype Insulators (CD 1000 to 1199)


Insulators Home > Insulator Styles > Glass

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