Construction of Hungarian Telephone Poles
Construction of the Hungarian open wire telephone network. Hungary has own invented technology and construction. It is similar than the German construction with the single P pin, transposition and Insulators but it is very different. The crossarms, braces, terminal poles, terminal tin-channels with the empty top crossarm, double side arm and the Napoleon Hat terminal Insulators are only Hungarian technology. The other countries used Cap terminal Insulator or didn't use.
Some lines are very hard, some yet existing lines are in well condition. An old lineman told to me: "We build telephone lines for 100 years!"

In Hungary the Noser, T-bar, Holer Insulators are not in the telephone line standards, they were not used on the telephone network, the old power strandards includes them. The Cylinder Head and the Top Growe Insulators are not in the telephone standards too, but they were used because the lineman books wrote: "Use double skirt Insulators only!" so, with inner skirt.

Thanks for the Mail Museum for the book where the drawings are from, and thanks for the Newscast Controll Company for the standards. (