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Glass Insulators Reference Site
The complete reference site for all aspects of insulator collecting. The site contains hundreds of photos, book and magazine listings, clubs, shows, ICON and much more.
Brian Riecker's Insulator Homepage [by Brian Riecker, ]
Site Construction in Progress
British Insulators [by James Bancroft, ]
Pictures of my collection plus various poles in service
Porcelain Insulators [by Robert J. Parker, ]
Here is my collection of porcelain insulators that I hope to identify and sell/trade for glass pieces. If you can identify any of the porcelain pieces for me please email.
Jim's Insulators, Etc [by Jim Sinsley, ]
This site was created to share with others some of the things that are important to me, collecting Insulators, Bottles, Fruit Jars, Date Nails and Transit Tokens. Take a tour and enjoy. Comments are welcome.
Bill Meier's Glass Insulator Page [by Bill Meier, ]
Learn about how I got started collecting Hemingray Glass Insulators, what I specialize in, and view some photos of my collection.
Eian's Site... (defunct since 2003, re-work coming soon!) [by Eian Greene, ]
My site has been defunct since mid-2003. I plan to re-work the site soon, re-vamping the feel, and overall functionality.
Russ Franks Insulator Web Site [by Russ Frank, ]
Photos and stories about our collection of Insulators, Go-Withs, High Voltage Signs, Surge stuff and much much more. A little about us, our first sales table, our first show display and on to a few suggestions for the new collectors. Come on in and visit, there’s no admission charge, no pop up banners and no annoying ads.
Rod & Jo's Insulator Site [by Rod Shelley, ]
Website devoted to insulator collecting. Photos of some of our collection, collecting stories, and section on building tools for collecting insulators
Richie's Early Telegraph Insulators [by Richie Farmer, ]
The work is in progress right now, but i should have something a little better in a few days.
Steve Blairs Web Site [by Steve Blair, ]
Still in construction phase, but don't let that stop you. Come on in and visit. Photos of my Lynchburg collection, Lois' strains and arrestors, shots of the London/Springfield traveling show and much, much more.
Hungarian Insulators Page [by Zoltan Drinoczi, ]
Insulator collecting in Europe. On this page are lot of photo from my collection, for the most part European Insulators. On this page are information of European Insulators and list from the European Insulator collectors. I hope lot of Insulator collector will find lot of new friends in Europe. H. I. P.
Andrew's Virtual Collection [by Andrew Gibson, ]
A presentation of my entire collection. Each insulator is pictured, along with typical catalog information such as when and where it was acquired, color, condition, description and more. There's also a short description of how I started collecting, descriptions of displays I have done over the years, and my want list.
Tim's Insulators Downunder [by Timothy Woods, ]
Insulator collecting in Western Australia. Features images of Insulators in, or out of service. I also have photographs of my collection.
Insulator Gurls [by Kim & Renee, ]
Home of the Unknown Insulator! Can you identify him? We need help! Come on in.........
Insulatorstuff Downloads [by Rich Mullins, ]
The place to come for all your insulator download needs. Includes Icons, wallpapers, cursors, screen savers, and some goodies to insulatorize Windows XP
Collecting Glass Insulators [by Nathan Lamkey, ]
A collection of photos and miscellaneous items related to collecting insulators including a large database of orignal insulator patent drawings.
Insulators: The Hidden Obsession [by Craig Johnson, ]
A website featuring one insulator collector's collection of mostly glass insulators. Includes CD listings, show reports, and lots of photographs of insulators.
Rainbow Riders Trading Post [by Patti Norton, ]
Insulator collecting in general, insulator pins for sale, trading insulators as an alternative to spending money, and more to come soon (including lots of photos).
The Hafer Page [by Greg Hafer, ]
A site with pictures of Corning Pyrex insulators.
Dukeboo's Insulator Collection [by Wesley Lirette, ]
My collection of Glass insulators for the world to see. I also have some porcelain, rubber and plastic.
Glass Factories that made Insulators [by David Whitten, ]
Listing of North American glass factories that did, or are believed to have produced, glass insulators for telephone, telegraph and electric power lines. Includes full company names, dates of operation, and other background information of possible interest to collectors of antique insulators, bottles & fruit jars as well as other types of glass. My site also includes a list of glass manufacturers' marks found embossed on bottles, and information on 19th century Louisville, KY glass factories. Stop by and check it out!
Gill Pollard's Insulator Page [by Gill Pollard, ]
Current projects and insulator info from the Virginia artist Gill Pollard.
Doug MacGillvary -- Porcelain Threadless Insulators [by Jenifer MacGillvary, ]
Here is an opportunity to visit the most complete porcelain threadless collection ever assembled. Every known style is represented, many extremely rare, even some "one of a kind."
The Pole Climbing Primer [by Ronald Schild, ]
We welcome you to this site to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of safe pole climbing. (Note: this is presented for information purposes only!)
Insulator Adventures [by Carla Garner, ]
A fun site that is a travelog of sight seeing and insulator collecting. Come along and see where I went this month!
Frantisek Danek's Insulators Page [by Frantisek Danek, ]
Frantisek has the biggest collection in Europe, in Czech Republic. He has 5000 different Insulators, and old electric things. He collect all type of Insulators, from the 3 mm long rods to the big 3 metre long strains, include the pin, rod, suspension, spool, radio, and all of types.
Insulators in the Old Dominion [by David Hawkins, ]
...or what's left in the Old Dominion! Site includes photos of select pieces of the webmaster's collection, recent hunts and finds, various history, as well as pieces found, or in, the collections of close friends.
Sluggo's Insulator Collecting Homepage [by Doug Netzke, ]
My personal insulator collecting homepage. I am currently concentating on Australian and foreign glass. Lots of reference information and photos on-line. Now featuring an "Insulator of the Month" page. New photos and information being added all the time.
David Dahle's insulators site [by David Dahle, ]
A brief introduction and some photographs of old power lines and substations observed in use in the Upper Midwest.
Sir Paws' Prints [by Gus Stafford, ]
This is our family web site, named after the master of our house, Sir Paws. Insulator stuff can be found in the Litter Box (where some might argue that it belongs?).
Deb's Insulator Collecting Site [by Deborah Fiedler, ]
New site by a new collector (as of 3/2002). The main aim of this site is to provide some basic info and tips to those who are new to or interested in collecting insulators. Over time I will continue adding photos of my own collection as well.

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