The Insulator Shows

DateShowNameLocationLocation DetailsNotable Acquisitions
1981-04-26GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 160 HEMI 
1981-05-16Ithaca Bottle Show  Ithaca, NY  CD 133 "electric blue" Brookfield 
1981-06-06CDIC Old Time Bottle & Insulator Fair Ballston Spa, NY Saratoga Cty Fairgrounds CD 263 Columbia 
1981-09-06WNYBCA Show  Hamburg, NY  CD 323 Pyrex 
1981-09-12McDougald Collection Sale McDougald Collection & Stock Liquidation Olmstead Township, OH McDougald backyard CD 103 B
CD 267 
1982-04-25GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall  
1982-06-06CDIC  Ballston Spa, NY Saratoga Cty Fairgrounds CD 728 
1983-04-24GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1983-11-13CDIC  Schenectady, NY  CD 158 
1984-04-28GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall CD 162 cobalt 
1985-04-28GVBCA  Rochester, NY  No Purchase? or didn't even attend? 
1986-04-27GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1986-07-11NIA National National Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Springs City Center CD 109 
1987-04-26GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1987-07-11CDIC  Slate Hill, NY Slate Hill Fire Hall  
1987-09-26Eastern Regional NIA Eastern Regional Kulpsville, PA Towamencin Fire Hall  
1988-04-24GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PUCHASE 
1988-10-23CDIC  Albany, NY Knights of Columbus Hall CD 267.5 
1988-11-12Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Quonset CD 211 
1989-01-14CDIC CDIC Re-Activation Meeting Schenectady, NY Lawless home CD 245 
1989-04-30GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1989-05-27Willick Swapmeet Backyard Swap Lima, NY Willick backyard NO PURCHASE 
1989-07-14NIA National National Allentown, PA George Washington Lodge CD 266 
1989-10-29CDIC CDIC Fall Show Albany, NY Knights of Columbus Hall  
1989-11-11Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Quonset  
1990-03-25YPCIC  Enfield, CT Knights of Columbus Hall CD 307 
1990-04-29GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1990-09-29Eastern Regional NIA Eastern Regional Kulpsville, PA Towamencin Fire Hall CD 181 Pluto 
1990-10-28CDIC CDIC Fall Show Albany, NY Knights of Columbus Hall CD 228 
1990-11-10Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Quonset CD 242 
1991-03-24YPCIC  Enfield, CT Knights of Columbus Hall CD 299
CD 159 
1991-04-21GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall NO PURCHASE 
1991-06-15Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA Wambold backyard CD 287.2 
1991-08-24NIA Eastern Regional NIA Eastern Regional Meriden, CT  CD 180 Liquid 
1991-11-09Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Quonset  
1992-01-01  Kulpsville, PA  NO PURCHASE 
1992-04-05GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minett Hall  
1992-11-07Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall NO PURCHASE 
1993-08-08CDIC  Painted Post, NY Gang Mills Fire Hall  
1993-09-25  Kulpsville, PA  CD 273 
1993-11-01Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH  NO PURCHASE 
1994-05-22CDIC  Painted Post, NY Gang Mills Fire Hall  
1994-11-11Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall  
1995-07-15NIA National National Marlborough, MA  CD 236
CD 301
CD 306 
1995-11-11Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall NO PURCHASE 
1996-11-09Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall CD 160.6 
1997-04-20GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 128 opalescent 
1997-07-25NIA National National Chicago, IL Holiday Inn O'Hare CD 144.5
CD 291 
1997-09-20  Kulpsville, PA   
1997-11-08Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall  
1998-04-20GVBCA  Rochester, NY   
1998-10-25 Antique Insulator, Bottle and Tabletop Collectibles Show Albany, NY Shaker Meeting House  
1998-11-07Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall CD 135.5 
1999-04-18GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 160.7 
1999-11-06Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio London, OH Madison Cty Fairgrounds, Large hall NO PURCHASE 
2000-09-17Eastern Regional  Corning, NY   
2000-11-04Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Washington Court House, OH Washington Court House NO PURCHASE 
2002-04-07YPCIC Antique Insulator, Bottle, and Tabletop Collectibles Show and Sale Enfield, CT American Legion Hall Start of the CD 160 collection 
2002-06-08Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  CD 155 flat top 
2002-08-17Central Regional  Hudson, OH  CD 102 NW&BIT 
2002-09-28???  Tylersport, PA   
2002-11-02Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 1110 BEL 
2003-04-06GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 155 RyT 
2003-06-27NIA National National Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 186 
2003-11-01Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 250.2 
2004-07-24NIA National National Pittsburgh, PA   
2004-09-24???  Tylersport, PA  NO PURCHASE 
2004-11-06Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 134 Fall River 
2005-04-02WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA   
2005-06-11Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  NO PURCHASE 
2005-06-25Swapmeet  Erie, PA   
2005-11-06Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 106.1 cornflower 
2006-06-03Southwestern Ontario Insulator Meet  Mount Brydges, ON  CD 166 EL 
2006-06-10Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  CD 143 Montreal 
2006-08-19Backyard Swap Meet  Leechburg, PA 1650 Route 356, Mike Donnelly's house NO PURCHASE 
2006-11-04Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds  
2007-03-24WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA   
2007-09-22Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  CD 160 B Green (start of color) 
2007-11-03Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds Folembray cleat 
2008-03-29WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA   
2008-04-20GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 160 B green 
2008-07-21Eastern Regional  Richfield, OH  CD 160 STARs 
2008-11-01Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 160 B amber
CD 160 STARs green 
2009-04-18WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA  CD 326 
2009-04-26GVBCA  Rochester, NY  CD 102 in purple for Kyrie 
2009-07-10NIA National National Coralville, IA Coralville Marriott CD 160 HEMI "O" 
2009-09-26Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  lead on CD 160 B Olive Amber 
2009-11-06Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds CD 160 BROOKFIELD with tiger striping  
2010-04-17WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA  CD 160 HEMINGRAY with PATENT MAY 2 1893!  
2010-04-18GVBCA  Rochester, NY  A toy helicopter for Ian  
2010-06-12Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA  U-241A in light brownWet trip down on the bike! 
2010-07-16NIA National National Boxborough, MA Boxborough Holiday Inn CD 160 Milky Yellow Green Brookfield, lopsided CD 160 Sterling 
2010-09-25Claude Wambold  Perkiomenville, PA Wambold backyard CD 160 HEMINGRAY irradiated 
2010-11-05Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clarke Cty Fairgrounds  
2011-03-05CBIC CHESAPEAKE BAY INSULATOR SHOW and SALE Shrewsbury, PA Shrewsbury Fire Hall, 21 West Forrest Avenue CD 160 in a nice green 
2011-03-12St. Joseph St. Joe. St. Joe, MO American Legion Hall CD 132.2 Paisley. 
2011-03-27YPCIC YPCIC Show Enfield, CT American Legion Post, 566 Enfield St. CD 160 B in dark green 
2011-04-16WRIC  Natrona Heights, PA VFW #894  
2011-04-17GVBCA  Rochester, NY Minnet Hall, Dome Center Not a thing! 
2011-06-11Claude Wambold Backyard Swap Perkiomenville, PA Wambold backyard Handful of baby signals with character! 
2011-08-12NIA Eastern Regional NIA Eastern Regional Martinsburg, WV Holiday Inn Martinsburg CD 160 Lynchurg with RDP. 
2011-09-24On Golden Pond On Golden Pond East Hampton, CT Home of Larry Emmons No purchase! 
2011-11-04Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio Springfield, OH Clark County Fairgrounds CD 160 CALIFORNIA with junk 
2012-03-03CBIC CHESAPEAKE BAY INSULATOR SHOW and SALE  Shrewsbury Fire Hall, 21 West Forrest Avenue CD 160 HG CO with extended inner skirt! 
2012-03-25YPCIC YPCIC Show  American Legion Hall CD 160 KCGW 
2012-04-15GVBCA   Minnet Hall, Dome Center Fred Locke book with supplement 
2012-04-21WRIC   VFW #894 CD 160 HEMINGRAY - 14 with blotout, no "0" = new EIN 
2012-06-22NIA National National  KCI Expo Center CD 160 HG CO in light jade, dark purple California 
2012-08-11Martinsburg Martinsburg  Church hall CD 160 Sterling with harelip 
2012-09-29Swapmeet Backyard Swap  Wambold backyard Gayner mold "4" 
2012-11-02Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio  Clark County Fairgrounds CD 136.4, 106.2, and picked up 124.2 
2013-03-02CBIC CHESAPEAKE BAY INSULATOR SHOW and SALE  Shrewsbury Fire Hall, 21 West Forrest Avenue 3 Armstrong baby signal mold numbers, including "0" 
2013-03-24YPCIC YPCIC Show  American Legion Post, 566 Enfield St.  
2013-04-20WRIC Allegheney Valley Spring Insulator Show  VFW #894 No purchase! 
2013-04-21GVBCA Antique Insulator, Bottle, and Tabletop Collectibles Show and Sale  Roberts Wesleyan College  
2013-06-15Backyard Swap Meet Backyard Swap  Wambold backyard  
2013-07-19NIA National National  Franklin Cool Springs Marriot Mulford & Biddle UPRR, semi-milky jade Brookfield 
2013-09-28WRIC Show & Sale WRIC Show & Sale  Masonic Lodge  
2013-11-01Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio  Clark County Fairgrounds  
2014-03-01CBIC CHESAPEAKE BAY INSULATOR SHOW and SALE  Shrewsbury Fire Hall, 21 West Forrest Avenue Lynchburg RDB 10. And went to Bill Rosato's after the show to look through the baby signals he had. 
2014-03-30YPCIC YPCIC Show  American Legion Post, 566 Enfield St. Slumpy green U-234x 
2014-09-20Backyard Swap Meet Backyard Swap  Wambold backyard CD 186.2 
2014-09-27WRIC WRIC Show & Sale  Masonic Lodge  
2014-10-31Mid-Ohio Mid-Ohio  Clark County Fairgrounds CD 160 MAYDWELL with blotout 
2015-01-31Beat the Winter Blahs!   Arlen & Tina's Garage CD 160 HEMINGRAY [080] and CD 146.5 
2015-03-07CBIC   Shrewsbury Fire Hall, 21 West Forrest Avenue  
2015-03-29Yankee Polecat Insulator Club, Antique Insulator, Bottle & Collectibles Show Yankee Polecat Insulator Club, Antique Insulator, Bottle & Collectibles Show  American Legion Hall, 566 Enfield Street CD 143 Great Northwestern, CD 178 Santa Ana 
2015-04-18WRIC Show & Sale WRIC Show & Sale  VFW #894  
2015-04-19GVBCA   Roberts Wesleyan College Not a thing! 
2015-06-20Claude Wambold Backyard Swap  1837 Perkiomenville Road Picked up the WM BROOKFIELD in green! 
2015-07-03NIA National National  Best Western Books!